The traditional painting, with its material, style, skill and technique of the artist, is an irreversible reality. However, the unique story, the message that the image is bringing, is another reality, that can be freely interpreted and further developed by all possible means outside the traditional ones.
Our small team experiments since several years in the challenging space between the CG and the traditional media, trying to find a kind of bridge connecting ‘Graphic and Graphics’, with the ultimate goal to convert the visual component of the picture, in an interactive virtual installation.
Because of some technical problems, still unresolved, we are able to demonstrate this project, only as an animation.
Just like our two previous creations (’Walk into Fiction’ and ’Macchina dell’Arte’), ’Alice’ too, is a computer installation based on a painting. The origin is Ivan Iliev’s ’Voyage’ (oil on wood panel, 53/60, 1998), modelled and animated from the artist himself in 3DStudio Max. The sound track is from Emanuel Wenger.
The short film that we are presenting here is a look over a work in progress checking only a part of the unlimited adventures, possible in the virtual world of ‘Alice’.

Ivan Iliev